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 My Daddy's Eyes                                  

Time passes slowly, the pain passes even slower.
Without a reason I'm sad, without a reason I cry.
I'm alone now, the only Fred Elmo left alive.
I will always miss my Daddy's eyes.

I remember the many times folks have said,
"My goodness, you sure remind me of your Dad.
Your nose, your smile, your gentle nature,
But most of all, you've got your Daddy's eyes."

Some called him Sonny, some called him Babe;
Many just called him Fred, but they all called him friend.
I hope to be remembered the way he is some day,
As I look in the mirror and see my Daddy's eyes.

I will always remember that moment suspended in time,
While he was holding on to the last thread of life.
I was holding his hand, just hanging on to this instant,
As I saw life leave my Daddy's eyes.

Healing grows day by day, and I love to hear people say,
"My goodness, You sure do remind me of your Dad."
I am now his legacy, the only living Fred Elmo;
But I sure do miss my Daddy's eyes.


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