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 Love Me Or Let Me Go
Lady in White

I thought loving you was the best thing that has happened to me,
But I learned that nothing in life is a guarantee.
There are things that I am unsure, but this I know,
You need to love me, or let me go.

I am tired of being cheated on, and abused,
The pain is real, and I am not amused.
You have taken me for granted for so many years,
Which most have consisted of pain and tears.

Love will forsake you, this I know,
Please love me, or let me go.
I refuse to continue to be your fool,
In this relationship, you have broken every rule.

Know that you are loved, but it's a new day,
It's not alright, but I will be okay.
The thing about love, it's meant to be shared,
But not with a man that never cared.

I gave you my heart, and it felt so right,
I surrender, I have lost this fight.
I am fragile now, but one day I will be strong,
I gave you chances, and you still did me wrong.

I ask you was there another, and you said no,
You need to love me, or let me go.
When I found out about her, it took me by surprise,
But, not only that, it made me realize.

That no matter how hard I try,
You will continue to hurt me, and I don't know why.
From this point on, I will continue to grow,
You refuse to love me, please let me go.

I will not shed another tear,
I need a man that will always be near.
I need a man that will spend time with me,
I have learned to accept what has come to be.

That you will not be my man, or a friend to me,
Just be a man, is what you need to be.
You choose to love someone else, why, I  will never know,
You need to "Love Me Or Let Me Go".


Love Shoulda Brought you Home - Toni Braxton

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