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 Walter's Asleep                                  

There is a legend of an old man who wouldn't wake up,
Like Rip Van Winkle he has been in bed for 27 years.
Eyes stay closed, breathing is rhythmic, dream after dream;
He is waiting for that reason to wake up; Walter's asleep.

Now Walter was a fun loving man  who loved his wife Harriet.
They would dance the night away every Saturday night;
On Tuesday Harriet and Walter would go bowling,
But now he just lies in bed , unmoved for decades; Walter's asleep.

One night 27 years ago, Walter had to work late, Harriet went on to bed.
Walter came in to embrace his loving wife at 1:30 in the morning,
But she was lifeless, as a heart attack snatched her away from Walter's arms.
He wailed the remainder of that night, then crawled into bed; Walter's asleep.

Walter dreams of his beautiful Harriet as they dance each Saturday night.
Harriet and him continued to visit the bowling alley every Tuesday night,
As Walter refused to awaken from this dream of life with his beloved Harriet.
Unmoved, without food or drink, Walter is still  waiting… Walter's asleep.

The man is old now, frail as can be; unbelievable, but he never has moved.
Walter lives in the dream waiting to die, wishing to join  his bride Harriet.
Walter still loves his darling wife to this very day; refusing to move on with his life.
Walter simply waits for Harriet, a tear falls onto his cheek; Walter's asleep.


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