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Got your attention along with your interest with just a single syllable word.
What pictures raced through your mind? Did this word conjures up a fantasy?
Did you reach out in lust to the world around you or did it involve someone very special ?
Your reactions to this simple word can tell you a lot about where your heart is.

I can remember a time in my life when indiscriminate relations were considered cool;
But as I grew, this dissolved as I met that special someone who became my spiritual partner.
Some may feel that this is suppression, others just think it is folly only deceiving yourself.
Can no one can harness the natural desires to reach out to someone that you're attracted to?

This is not folly nor an unnatural bridle; it is a focus of the heart upon your partner in life.
You honor that relationship with all your soul by the power of your commitment.
This word changes within my mind to making love without any attempted wrestling,
As the commitment of a partnership zero's in my focus to the target of my life.

Temptation is not beyond me, as it sometimes pounds upon my door;
But I am held tightly by my love, this enables me not to allow in  the deception.
My commitment to my spiritual partner means more to me than any sultry tryst;
It becomes a matter of where my heart is when I hear this single syllable word.

With intension, the title word is never mentioned in this poem.

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