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Beyond the Pale

Cloying darkness that gathers swift,
Cloaking shapes of swirling mist.
Haunted specters of ghastly mein,
Shadowed souls who seek in vain.

Some have lost their path and stray;
Others linger here to prey
On those in mortal clay yet bound,
Who venture near their burial mound.

Eerie mansion or ancient tomb,
Shrouded forever in endless gloom;
Shelter spirits within their keep,
Troubled souls who cannot sleep.

Vengeance denied and deed undone;
Deceitful spouse or treacherous son.
These are things which keep them near,
Chilling hearts and souls with fear.

Find the link that binds them here;
Sever the chain of horror and fear.
Free the tortured soul that wails;
Seek what lies beyond the pale.

Grant the rest so long denied,
Ease the pain that never died.
Only then can peace be found,
In ancient tomb or burial mound.

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Beyond the Pale



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