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 That Was Then, This Is Now!!!!!

My love for you has always shown,
But time has let me know, I was in love alone.
As our story began to be told,
Time did reveal, and things began to unfold.

It hurt as I sat once alone,
As in the midnight hours, the streets you would roam.
Now when I sit, and ask myself how?
I realize that was then, this is now.

I was broken, and cast aside,
Now I hold my head up with pride.
My memories of you are fading, and the answers I will not find,
That was then, this is now, comes to mind.

I will let it flow, like water down a stream,
Our love was once real, now its a forgotten dream.
We both changed, in our own ways,
Never can go back to the good ole days.

I sit and I wonder why
Did we give it a chance, did we try?
As Celine Dion sings, my heart will go on,
I will be alright, as I go it alone.

As time pass, I will recover,
In life, there is so much to discover.
As I go through this, it's things I have learned,
And the past, is bridges that I have burned.

Sometimes I think about the past, and it makes me sad,
I know that things was not always bad.
Loneliness, I once embraced,
As you left my life, without a trace.

Just like a dream, memories began to die,
Nothing is left to become of you and I.
The hurt once cut like double edged knife,
The wounds have healed, and I have went on with my life.
I no longer sit, and wonder how,
I let go, because "That Was Then, And This Is Now"


I Try - Will Downing

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