Maria Guzvic

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I vow to start anew
No cream or cakes
No cookies no chocolate
Do all that it takes
To get myself
Into shipshape frame
Then 2009
And I won't look the same!

Little devil that sits
On my shoulder grinning
Urging me to be naughty
Hagen-Daz tub fairly brimming
Oh curse the man
Who invented gateau
He's caused me suffering
More than anyone could know!

The treadmill is silent
My trainers stand by
I gaze at its stillness
With a glint in my eye
Because until midnight
On the eve of New Year
I will eat myself silly
Without any fear!

Oh no!  It's happened
It's the 1st of January already
I scowl at my fitness gear
Darn it: I'm not quite ready
Just a few moments more
My imagination is alight
Then I glimpse my silhouette in a mirror
Those resolutions: hold on tight!!

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