Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

A fish in the sky, a bird in the sea

Emotional spasms f(u))ck me from reality,
Pulling me further into confusion.
I no longer fight it,
I embrace it as though
It were a person, holding it close,
Inhaling its scent, memorizing it.
Sadness grips me at last,
Singing sin into my soul.
It is painful, to live in dreams,
To live in fantasy,
Trying so hard to avoid the ugly
Real world, so hard it starts to burn.
Perhaps it is loneliness
That makes this disease hunger within me.
Or perhaps, something else...
Something darker,
SOmething that scathes deeper.
I get so fearful of what I can do,
Of what I could do, to myself,
To permanently imprint this anguish
Upon my very being.
I am not afraid to walk bravely
Into that sandpit called night,
But I have certain fears
About continuing on in this
Cemetary called life.

November 8, 2008

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A fish in the sky, a bird in the sea

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