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  lonesome world of winter

Tiny snowflakes settling on my window pane
Streetlight shining through each tiny speck
Things melancholy are so hard to explain
But Jenny's not what the heck....

Radio playing somebody's favorite song
Notes dancing the tune inside my head
Empty night keeps crawling on and on
With no thoughts by me of going to bed....

Like I said, Jenny's not who cares
If I stay up to see the dawn or fall asleep
Sitting in my favorite overstuffed chair
As the interminable hours slowly creep....

Been up so long that it hurts to close my eyes
Legs asleep with pins and needles in my feet
Listening to the radio 'til all melody dies
And every soft and sad song has lost its beat....

Television speaking but I hear not a word
Tho' I can hear the clock ticking on the wall
Screen pantomimes the theater of the absurd
I can feel my own breathing rise and fall....

Slowly dozing off, then rising with a start
Slowly drifting into sleep, then back awake
Holding Jenny close to me, inside my heart
Holding tightly, so my heart doesn't break....


Jan 30 2009

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