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The Munchies

I awoke from a short night before,
and stumbled to the Ice Box's door.
I had the munchies from an exciting night,
my hunger cravings were out of sight.
The best way I've found to cure the munchies,
is with sweet salty things that are really crunchy.
So I opened the door to find some snacks to eat,
something alive that would taste really sweet.
So I grabbed a jar of water melon jelly,
put it on bean bread for my belly.
Then started brewing some banana tea,
For the cotton mouth inside of me.
Oh that night I had was quite a rush,
the last thing she said was hush, hush, hush.
But, now my sensations are more than last night,
and I'm in a battle you don't want to fight.
Unless your armed with lots of grub,
or you have chocolate soup in your tub.

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The Munchies