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 Pulsating Rhythms

The lights are flickering to the beat, the disco ball is in place;
The Rhondell's on stage blasting out their songs, our heart's race.
The dance floor is packed with couples of all ages and abilities,
Each couple interpreting the music, I see all the possibilities.
Some are shagging, such a beautiful dance; others just flowing;
While Sherrie and I move in our unique way, yet always growing.
The magic of the pulsating rhythms sets my heart and feet on fire;
Hoping the music never ends, my desire to move never does tire.
Friends surround us moving with their partner's in beauty and unity;
We all enjoy these dances, looking forward to the next opportunity.
Feeling the drums and bass vibrating through the crowded dance floor;
Feeding on the energy of those surrounding us, this magic I adore.
The pulsating rhythms removes the negative drain in my soul tonight,
And fills me with the positive juices of power, our unified soul's ignite.
The fire burns away the doldrums and the boredom of everyday life,
Nothing heals me better than being on the dance floor with my wife.


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