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Deck Chairs

Those old men in cardigans
Resting on the beach
Thinking of things age puts
Almost beyond reach

the rustle of a lover's skirt
sliding slowly to the floor
the passion of a love making
that leaves both wanting more
that shared cigarette's smoke
curling rising floating high
to the ceiling and gone just
like that afternoon flows by
the time taken between kisses
to eventually dress
the looks of quiet joy
the last slow caress
the little bar
no time to think
before she was gone
after one last drink
the creating of things
the finding of ways
to pass the hours
between loving days
the never quite telling
she was the one
that day she never came
and you knew she was gone

The tide turns and flows in
There's a chill now in the air
The old men in their cardigans
Leave those empty deck chairs

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Deck Chairs