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 Space Dust

Bringing dust from the galaxies so distant,
From destroyed societies no longer existent.
The solar winds brings to us atomic elements;
The building blocks of life,  full of carbon.
Death and destruction creates life elsewhere;
Elements combine, molecules form, life exists.
Seeing the past within our present gives us truth;
Our future parallels our past without a doubt.
It is all one big shuffling of the universal cards;
Carried to the ends of the universe by wandering meteors.
My mind is stilled on the thought of my alien origin;
As I am a conglomerate of universal incorporation.
My destiny rests on the apparent randomness of life,
Or is this a small microcosm controlled by an intelligence?
Is the Universal Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra?
The wise old conductor creating a continuous classic.
I stop and look up into the night sky and see a falling star;
Bringing alien molecules into our planets arsenal for creation.
I am struck by a sense of awe as a contemplate this;
Something as simple as space dust falling on our planet.


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