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 Mi Debilidad

Confess I will now that you know
Whats left of me so I'll just go
Away back to where once I roamed
Away from you my heart turned stone

My secrets out, sorry but true
I should have never fell for you
For you need more than I can give
A man healthy so please forgive

Never doubted, not for a moment
You were what answered my hearts torment
The laugh one needs when all seems bad
The warmth when cold is all we had

The answer to the question hard
The one who left their calling card
Upon a soul that seems to fade
Unloved like once my yesterdays

This poor attempt to say you gave
My life a spark that would have saved
The sentiment that makes us me
Once six feet under that you set free

Please don't think no less of one
Who dreams of life and of someone
That once was whole but now today
Just dreams awake and better days

You gave me more in a short time
Than we deserved and on my mind
You'll be the one that brought loves light
Upon a soul that's not so bright

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