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 Poem  posted on wings2fly2heaven 3 10 2009
This rhyme is about souls of two who love purely
And how they feel and live and love beyond
what's superficial in this world.  

"Flesh and Bone Isn't All We've Known"

Written by Muzak March 10, 2009

There is the spirit of timeless soulmate

And this small earth can't provide such glue

They are hand-held in life's journey

Until their mortal walk is through

Then the hearts combine their colours

As does a rainbow greet a sun

And a world becomes the marble star

For two thoughts with sight as one

And of their spirits will shine a many light,

Of what their souls in life had known,

They were thoughts awaiting higher,

And such was not just of flesh and bone..

P S I Love You x x

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Site Note:  
Some of you may be wondering why I'm posting
Muzak's rhymes here?  Well....he's really busy right now and hasn't had time to come on PP.  SO...I asked him so kindly today..and he said. "of course I may post it, the poem belongs to me".  

Now, I might just add one more thing.... Where's "Music" Muzak?
The rhyming version of our poem titled "Music"?????

Seriously, he's done a great job in taking special care with this incredible piece.  Creating rhyming versions of the original written prose titled "Music" that's posted here on wings2fly.  He values the beauty, the message, the intelligence of the write.  "He's afraid he'll ruin it" lol... no you won't!

When "Music" (the rhyming version) is done, it will no doubt be the best collaborative piece I've been a part of.  

You know I'm teasing you sweetheart...but I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to it!  P. S. I Love You. x.x.x.x.x.x.x.  I trust you completely with everything. So come hold my hand........


I Want To Hold Your Hand - T.V. Carpio

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