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 Looking Into My Soul

Through poetry, I have gotten a grip on my  life's destiny;
Reestablishing the connections to a long separated world.
I begin to settle my muddled mind and can see for a moment,
That still pool reflecting back at me from deep within my soul.
At first, I see that reflection as an undisturbed picture of myself;
Then as I look deeper, something magical begins to unfold.
I can now see the connections to another soul once separate;
Unique in our appearance, yet dipped from that same pool.
The lake from which our soul becomes separated at birth;
Is all the same water, the same water, same water, water…
Only occasionally do we realize that we are all from one source;
God's very Hand dips us out a measure of soul, we become alive!
Through many different paths we travel becoming more separate;
Occasionally we see that reflection of a soul traveling on our course.
Celebrate those moments when we see that other pair of eyes
Looking back at us from within the pool of our soul.
A fellow traveler, a soul mate, a friend, a part of our destiny;
Two peas in the same pod, only separated by time and space.
I praise my Creator God who has allowed me this opportunity,
That when I was looking into my soul, I found you looking back.


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