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Life requires sustained effort to achieve all worthwhile goals.
Shortcuts may get you to the end of the road with some type of laurels,
But the wisdom gained along the way of that the journey is the true prize.
As my character is molded and shaped by the pathway towards my enlightenment,
The dregs of my personality are shed with my consistent plodding onward.
Life is hard and the shortcut looks so much more comforting to the sojourner;
After all, logic will tell me, look how much good I can do from the completed place.
I can reach out to others and help them come to this higher level of existence;
This reality becomes more watered down with each step of this mind made odyssey.
I want the fullness of life now, I want the praises of the world now.
This lonely pathway taken with complete awareness in the good times and the bad;
My motives become more pure each mile I wander down the lane without rushing.
I stop and smell the roses, alert to the creation that surrounds me with each step.
This road will take me a lifetime to complete this way, but I have the time.
I wish to serve a higher purpose with my walk, though I'm so human and fallible.
I wish to never claim to have arrived at enlightenment, I just want to walk
The walk of peace, as I leave my ego calling out for me to rush to the prize.
My aim is only to be present in this walk today; with my mind, body, and soul unified;
Slowly this process of becoming a human being takes place within my life.
I look to those that ran ahead; they now are retired, waiting for the magic.
Magic is alive on the pathway as I slowly walk along, seeking only to ride the wave.
This is not the pathway of attainments, of awards, of praises, of laurels, or of honor;
This road is without these things, as only the shortcuts can feed the ego's hunger.
I walk along in joy, in peace, in strength, in unity, in truth, in power, in love.
The road of truth requires persistence;
The road to reality requires persistence;
I fall, I stand, and then I fall again; I look up, and stand, I take another step forward;


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