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 Yoga  part  11

I was introduced into a new form of Yoga on Wednesday;
Power Yoga, a shortened version of the Ashtanga practice.
Grueling in my first experience, heat was released form my core;
Burning the dregs of my nonchalant life style, firing the furnace.
Moving with vigor from asana to asana; moving with purpose of heart.
Flowing from one pose to the next with seamless movement;
As my focus is riveted by the power of presence in this practice.
Gentle is not the word to use for this practice; but flowing like a river.

Rapids and eddy pools challenge my stamina, my balance, my pride;
Ripping away the complacency, tearing the protective shell of ease.
I was inspired at my introduction to this disciple, I was also challenged.
My focus did not have to be held by my will into the moment at hand;
As the intensity forced my attention fully now with an exclamation!
Combining the gentle science  of Yoga with the disciple of strength;
This hybrid practice releases me into the moment with fullness of presence.
I stand before you, sweat dripping from my brow; in tadasana, fully now.


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