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Symptoms of Life And Death

Life and Death are commonplace…
As common as the cold
 in the winter days,
You cough and there goes another soul
  into the eternal bliss
As time and events seal destiny with a kiss
Therefore mortality is this beautiful mirror
  with a breach at its base,
Scarcely we live
 to look upon her beautiful face,
  In our misery,
manage to squeeze out a few sweet days
  from the bottle of possibility
Though they are as sweet as a honeycomb
Before we can swallow it whole
Death comes and takes us home
But who am I to complain when God has blessed
  us with the tears of his grace...
I want to stare upon the beauty of his face
And the love in his eyes,
Lighting up the heart of my inner skies
  and the fire in my humble beams,
Bringing to life my burning dreams
Ears have not heard…
Eyes have not seen…

Copyright 2009
Robert Anthony James  

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Symptoms of Life And Death