We'll move forward together                      May 10, 2009

           We'll move forward together                      May 10, 2009

I'm satisfied in my land with my culture and my future
I think of what happened to my country with that other countries butcher
We've did ok and that's the way we'll stay
The country that annoyed us has finally went their way
I watch the children of the Gael play together as one
The struggle is over now and we all live as one
We live in freedom in this land because of Connolly and Wolfetone
The men of 16 wrote it, we're free in parts of this land
The day will come when Britannia's gone and we'll all know unity
Our land will be our land as one land, the only way to be
We'll shake the hand of every man irrespective of his name
We'll move forward together and play the patriot game
I love my town in Ireland and I'm part of this Irish nation
As I go to sleep my dream tells me of once again a nation

                    Gerrard McGeachy

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We`ll move forward together May 10, 2009

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