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 "Sincerity at it's best"
It's never too late to apologize,
As I hear you speak I try to dry my eyes.
I said, "It's never too late to apologize",
Please listen to me as I try to emphasize.

What else is there that I can do?
When it's so obvious that I am utterly in love with you.
I do not know what else to say,
Except that I am Sorry…

It's time that I see myself as you have always seen me,
To recognize that you chose me and it will always be.
You're the one in my heart and it'll only be you,
My love will always be yours and I'll remain true.

I love you more than life itself,
More than any material, riches or personal wealth.
I may have done things to cause you hurt in the past,
That was not my intention for which the shadows have cast.

When you're not around I'm sad, down and blue,
All in a reaction to never knowing anyone just quite like you.
The power to heal me of all my ails and pains,
To speak of healing hands, God showed me that it was time to give up the reigns.

To push forward, go on and never look back,
I did not doubt you, it was me and my panic attacks.
The only thing in life that I've ever had was control,
I lost all of that the day your spirit embodied my soul.

Forgive me for my actions as I did not know not what it would do,
But I gave my word to God and my solemn oath to you.
To forever be true until my dying day,
As it is my vows that I live for and all that I can say…


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