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 "Bestowed Upon Us"
Entering into ones heart and having haunted ones every dream,
Upon reality setting in one would find out what it means.
To fill ones life with an abundance of love and extraordinary honor,
It is apparent as to what has been missing and that there is no other.

Recalling the acts of dispute and times of being quite enraged,
Our spirits are like two wild birds that have never been caught or even caged.
Fighting in the spirit does not sit well with the Lord,
Brought together as one it is up to us to see the light and not use words as a sword.

Both of us so strong wanting to show the other just how much,
Sometimes we forget that it's the little things such as the slightest touch.
There is nothing other than you that gives me the greatest joy,
To feel as though I've known you since I was a girl and you were a boy.

The sun was shining down the day you came to me,
For one had survived all the storms and now you've come to set me free.
To protect what is riffle yours and what the Lord has giveth to you,
Make sure that you stay positive and know that your hearts with someone true.

One will honor all your love and even after the death of passing,
You will have an angel by your side to keep you from falling down or crashing.
It is up to you and I to make sure that we live happily ever after,
Each phase of our life is just the beginning of a new spun chapter.

Fulfilling each other and all of our desires,
It is in this that one shall prove to show how one simply inspires.
Have faith in what the Lord has blessed and given unto thee,
The Lord did all of this not just for you or just for me…

We've lived our lives separate and now we live together as one,
Two bodies with one heart, one soul, one love and what's done is now done.
May no one put asunder what the Lord has blessed us with,
It is the unconditional love between us that is the Lord's greatest gift.


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