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 “The Naked Truth”
I think of you every minute of every day that I am not by your side to feel your touch,
Hoping and praying that you miss me just as much.
Holding on throughout the day to see your loving face,
I can't wait to feel your touch and warmth of your embrace.

The gentleness of my fair love's kiss,
It is something that I desire as it is heaven's sweet bliss.
Even in darkness your love guides my way,
I need you there every day of my life and it is this for which I pray.

I have not always treated you fairly but true I have been,
I will always remain true until the very end.
The end of my days is what I am referring to,
My heart and soul has been reserved for you and my love this is true.

A man of great honor that I hold with much respect,
Apologizing if ever to have been made to feel unappreciated or any neglect.
My desire to please is overwhelming my heart,
Not realizing that it was ME that you loved from the start.

Finding who I am has been a journey down a long and winding road,
However, I am glad that the Lord sent you to me so that the truth may be told.
You made me believe that there is nothing wrong and have struggled to make me see,
All the tragic things that have happened did not stop you from loving me.

Please tell me that I am not too late,
Driving you away from me and sealing a miserable fate.
At times you are so distance from thee,
I crumble inside to think that the cause of this is truly because of me.

The way that I have been or the doubts I may have had,
You have to know in your heart that without you I am sad.
The thought of not having you next to me to have and to hold,
It leaves the pit of my stomach with a pain and utterly so cold.

Praying for the Lord to hear the pleas and the cries,
Helping you to understand why the tears fill my eyes.
To have hurt YOU the one who stood the test of time,
You believe in me despite my flaws and made it possible to call mine.

The best thing in life to which I may proclaim,
It is you loving me and for that I am not ashamed.
You bring me more happiness that you will ever know,
It is exactly that for which I have had trouble with trying to show.

You guide our way knowing that you keep us safe and protected,
It was you that the Lord bestowed and for ever selected.
You made me your wife and it was the greatest honor ever given,
I want to make you proud and will continue to do so as long as I am living.

Loving YOU Always & Not a 2nd Less Than Forever


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