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"Surviving Dissolution"

The departure from the flesh is of the greatest anguish to thee,
Wanting and wishing for one more moment that you could just look at me.
To feel your arms around me to hold me close and keep me safe,
Although I am aware consciously that now you are in a better place.

Longing to hear your voice or even a whisper before the flesh proved its defeat,
Seeing you in your final hour brought reality to my feet.
You brought me into this world and one day I knew this time would come,
I am just struggling with the knowing that all of this cannot be undone.

Daddy, how am I to let go knowing I can't see you again?
You are more than just a father; you are forever my dearest friend.
I know that you loved me even when you were mad,
I am thankful for our time together and for all the years that we've had.

I cannot pretend this doesn't hurt and my hearts pounding wanting to bust,
It seems so final to hear the words: ashes to ashes dust to dust.
In life you weren't always perfect but now we're looking through my eyes,
That's why this is so hard for me; I can't even stop or muffle my cries.

You are always in my heart and I will always be your little girl,
Even though I didn't say it you were the biggest part of my world.
I loved you then as a little girl and I love you more even now,
So if it is permitted by God can you help to show me how?

Daddy, can you send a sign letting us know that you are still near?
To let us know that in the passing days your spirit is still here.
The gentle warmth of a sun shining day,
Wrap the warmth around us to help guide our way.

The trust that you gave and the respect that you taught,
These were all lessons that weren't always eager to be sought.
Let us all now rejoice in the man we came to know,
Thank you for all of the love and commitment that you showed.

I love you, Daddy…

LadyKat 05/2009