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 Sweet Something's

Cardio workouts at the Y, sweat rolling off my brow;
Trying to stay ahead of the belly bulge even more now.
Effort within my exercise has never been at question;
It is those times in the darkness, here is my confession.

Chocolate shrieks out my name in the middle of the night;
The sugary treats that I secretly hide, oh what a delight.
Where is the will power that drives me on mile after mile;
In this darkness it is nowhere around, only a sweet smile.

Without exercise, I believe that I would be a big as a house;
My appetite for this junk would surprise my beloved spouse.
Lying in bed at two in the morning, I hear the siren's call;
Sweet something's whisper my name as I stumble down the hall.

Unable to suppress this desire, feeding the hole in my soul;
My sweet treats promise me peace, so I eat that honey roll.
Sometimes a spoon full of sugar when my hiding places are bare;
It is me and my sweet something's, we are having a torrid affair.


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