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Are we really as advanced as it seems?
Or are our advancements nothing but dreams?
Do we really just live here and die,
and all of our lives we're consumed by why.
What is the origin of this life that we lead?
Did it all come from a singular seed?
Or is random chaos the root of it all
from the largest universe to the atoms so small.
If we can't prove origin, how do we know we exist?
This is a question that's high on my list.
Proof and absolutes seem to be mankind's total quest.
I say live your life to it's fullest, and give your mind a rest
So many worry about the afterlife to come
that they forget to live this life that should be number one.
Some people live a lifetime in every second they live;
others live a second in a lifetime and know not how to give.
Greed and jealousy seem to overflow man's plate;
these are two topics that will lead mankind to his fate.
Mankind actually only perform two functions here.
Now that I've said this do I have your ear?
Oh now you must really think that I'm insane,
but all we do is: seek pleasure and try to avoid pain.
Pick any aspect of the life that you lead,
and see if it's not part of each half of this seed.
Maybe now that I've slimmed down your choices for you,
you'll make better decisions in all things that you do.

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