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 First Missionary Journey

Paul and Barnabas, faithful to God's call
Sent out, spreading His message to all
Many believed, making a choice to accept
Others openly refused, deciding to reject

They began their first missionary journey
Spirit led, impacting early church history
My life was touched as I read from Acts
Please come along, how would you react?

Sent for by the proconsul, an intelligent man
He wanted to hear God's Word and His plan
They met a sorcerer and false prophet there
Their faith was opposed, by threats and dares

Paul rebukes this man as a child of the devil
Enemy of everything right and filled with evil
Will he never stop perverting God's right ways?
The Lord would blind his eyes for several days

I reflected on how Paul saw a great bright light
When he first met Jesus, then he lost his sight
The sorcerer now needed to be led by the hand
The proconsul saw and believed in God's plan

Paul freely spoke at two Jewish synagogues
Leaders of one were blessed by his dialogue
Paul began with the kings, recounting OT history
Invited back, he shared the message of Calvary

The second time, joined by the whole region
Controversy arose, bringing about division
Proclaiming the Truth, not giving in to defeat
Paul moved on, shaking the dust from his feet

Paul prayed for a lame man and he was healed
People declared it was by their gods revealed
Calling Paul and Barnabas by two god names
Paul said it was the Living God, not the same

People revolted, Paul was stoned, left for dead
He was helped up, going back to the city instead
Would we have the courage to take such a stand?
God knows every heart, always fulfilling His plan

Paul and Barnabas trace their steps to each city
Encouraging them to keep the faith for eternity
Appoint elders for each, with prayer and fasting
Committing them to the Lord, to Him entrusting

They return to the place where they had started
The work by God's grace had been completed
Stayed a long time, reporting what God had done
Door of faith opened to the Gentiles, victory won

(Based on Acts 13-14)

Carol Salter 6/6/09

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