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"Our Time…Love…and LIFE"

This is our day and this is our time,
To come together as one for I am yours and you are mine.
Through out all these years and things that we have been through,
It should be obvious that I am undeniably in love with you.

But just in case you do not know,
How in life that you make me glow?
I want you as my lover but first you were my friend,
You need to know right now that...that does not have to end.

We have shared so much both good and bad,
I am here for you to lean on even when you are sad.
My deepest wish is for you to see,
That I am here for you as you would be for me.

Being all things to the one you love is a tall order I do know,
As this is why I am reaching out in an effort to simply show.
You are everything to me and my love this is true,
Would you allow me to be encompassing and to live inside of you?

Together in life we'll struggle, we'll live and we'll love,
With each day passing...please remember that the Lord has blessed us from above.
Creating this life in which we both live makes me grateful for all things that be,
I ask that you trust and you take the time to see…

I am not here to judge but as a forever loving friend with a listening ear,
I do not know if there is anything I can do but to spell it out to make it crystal clear.
That in my world all that matters are the children, our families, my Love and that is you,
I'm unable to state anything different because the utter and simple truth is that...I Love You!