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I feel I've postponed returning to this place
I've become disloyal and uncommitted-
       to tending to  its possible dearth
My once faithful intervals
have become a needless routine
I've neglected the gardens
And have made no appearances to the wishing well
In all actuality, I walk around blindfolded
And unwilling to adjust the veil on my head
I'm to disheartened to desire knowledge
And to gutless to face the accuracy of this current affair

I bear in mind the day he had come up from behind me
Enthusiastic and eager to give me the future
so zealous to betroth and vow….
That's when his soft hands slid off my shoulders
And he concealed a cloak of affection over my eyes
Sightless, I was told to just believe
That he'd escort me distant from the grave
And into his world…. eternally-minded…

Urgently, yet respectfully
He charmed my current lack
So we had traveled ecstatically and absent-minded
and adored one another for a duration of time
Recently our stride has distained
And a present silence abides
Now I must push backward to feel his hands
And call appallingly for the awareness of his presence

Today I am curious if I should unfold and find
The possible withdrawal of his declaration of love

-DEL 2009 ©

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