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Sometimes I feel Like A Drowning Soul (times gone by)

Waking up with another problem on my hands today…
to keep my hope alive I know I had to pray,
Assistance from my friends comes too slow,
What tomorrow holds...I don't know
Sometimes I wonder if God's counting
my sweat and tears,
I've been down here struggling for years
in this go nowhere flow,
My money is low
and my problems continue to grow
Why is this world so mean and vicious though?
My true wishes are to trade this reality
that's a part of me for dreams and kisses
and wrap them in a beautiful rainbow
Why a seed is planted in the dark earth to grow...
I just don't know
So such luxury can not be
when the storms of life
keep blocking the sunlight from me
so I can't see
This world don't care if we live or die
Why does the caring man have hell in his eyes?
He can't see my tears or hear my cries…
pouring down like the stormy skies
There's no sense of drying the tears I say
They'll come back anyway
But there is a reason why flowers still grow
in the ghetto,
They'll never blossom though
if their heads are filled with snow…
So don't let their dreams die and their future go
It seems the hands of time move so slow
Some people think they are the only ones going through hard times
but that's not true because the world is filled
with injustice, poverty, and crime…end time signs

My weaknesses always seem to hurt the ones I love
I'm trying my best…to stay above…
but sometimes they bring me down,
All while the caring man won't make a sound
Too much of this history is a part of me
But the heart of man can not hear or see
So he ignores my struggles and looks the other way
while the cost of life
gives me just enough to survive for another day
Help is so far away it seems
when nobody will listen to my inner screams
Why is the world so vicious and mean?
They keep taking away my hopes and dreams
Why do people keep telling me lies?
I apologize…but you only see cries when someone dies
I keep looking for the answer in God's glorious skies
But all I have is a cloudy refection in my eyes…
This got me wondering does the sun really rise
Lest these struggles are in your eyes to see
You'll never understand the true heart in me
and the many battles there are just to live,
or why the dark clouds have the sun sealed
But faith is based on things not seen…
So I'll keep believing in my King,
Even though I'm sinking low
O Lord…don't let my hand go
Though he slay me yet will I believe
This far he have supplied me with all my needs
It's easy to give up in the darkest of night
But remember we walk by faith and not by sight

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Sometimes I feel Like A Drowning Soul (times gone by)