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Carefulness Should Tread Upon the Feet of Men's Past

Wars have been won…
Wars have been lost…
Life and Death stand at each end
     and to young men call
with such passionate cries
No time to wait! They proclaim
     while reality wipes the tears
from the weeping mother's eyes
No purer words could be put together
     in the hunt for men souls
Life holds on with the strength of a thousand men
while Death wait for men to fold
It seem as though the sin of Cain have made deep groves
in the road for the sprinkling of his seeds,
Where blood and determination fill up
    the passion of their need,
So let man think carefully before he set his feet
     upon that destructive path of no return,
Where men's minds have no rest…
Where men's hearts burn
     again every stranger,
who can't tell who's the devil
     and who's the angel?
I say carefulness should tread upon the feet of men's past…
And don't be so quick to react or walk so fast

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Carefulness Should Tread Upon the Feet of Men`s Past