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 When a Friend is Sick

When a friend is sick, our thoughts are intense;
Coming to their aid, helping in their defense.
We fall to our knees and pray to God above;
Waiting for the answer for the one we love.
Friendship stretches our definition of our being;
Opening our hearts and our eyes, really seeing.
We need one another, we seek each others prayers;
Knowing that we are more than children, we are heirs.
Pleading with God for more of that precious time;
Writing words of comfort, though it's only a rhyme.
Sitting by their side, waiting… we are like a rock;
Listening to the quiet ticking of the grandfathers clock.
Awake all night long, muttering your thoughts aloud;
Waiting for that friend to get better, just as you vowed.
The morning sun breaks through the window with hope;
A new morning, a new day, the warmth helps us cope.
That friend opens their eyes and sees your smiling face;
You walk over to them and give them a big embrace.
When a friend is sick, our lives take on a new meaning;
You position yourself so that you can be intervening.


Best wishes from all of your friends, Deb;
Get well soon.

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