The Mailman

                  The Mailman       December 1984

Maggie's on our mailing list , you can be sure of that
We'll pay the postage anywhere, we'll even have it wrapped
We sent some mail to Brighton, hand delivered to the door
When the parcel it did open, she wasn't on the floor
She was in the toilet taking off her mask
The delivery was successful though it didn't complete the task
When the party was finally over, the mailman could not be found
They say they seen him heading towards the holy ground
The message we delivered to Maggie T that day
Did show the iron lady that the IRA don't play
Bobby Sands and others too did not die in vain
For the Irish plight we'll continue to fight and break the Saxon reign
When the mailman comes as come he will, knocking on your door
The mail that you receive next time maybe be your last
You'll be spending time down under thinking of your past
The devil he will greet you there , though frightened he may be
There's lots of people like you here, just walk around and see
Pray Maggie said the devil, I'll never understand
Why greedy Rule Britannia did plunder Ireland
The cruel deeds you committed for many years
Has sent shock waves to this place, and even brought some tears
The people put to death upstairs by you and all your crew
Have found a place in heaven, up in the sky so blue
The political prisoners, the children too, and all the men and women
Have found peace at last in a place that's known as heaven

                    Gerrard McGeachy

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