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 The Space Program...is it worth the cost?

White Paper by: Jackie R. Kays
The Space Program…is it worth the cost?

This is the 20th day of July 09 and the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo space craft's
landing on the moon, an unbelievable accomplishment for the time!
The big race is over and we wone! We showed them! (The Russians)
At what cost?

The cost of that moon shot was astronomical…in the billions.
The space program to date has cost billions of dollars a year
 as well as two costly accidents in money and lives.
Over forty some years that's a lot of Taxpayer dollars!

NASA now says they will need at least $20, 000000 per year in the future!
My question is; how much infrastructure in our dilapidated cities would that amount
of money fix? How many hungry children would that amount feed and cloth?
How many schools would that build and how many teachers would that hire?
How many new jobs might have been created?

What has the Space Program produced for that astronomical cost?
NASA yells proudly "New technology!"
You mean to tell me that this technology could not have been developed here on Earth!
(Give me a break!)

It doesn't take a rocket scientest to figure out the cost of that new technology!
I feel confident that the gravity free environment requirement for development of
this new technology could have been duplicated here on earth for far less cost.

Bottom Line!
In my humble opinion, I think that NASA should be put on hold until this country comes out of
the present deep recession that we are now experiencing! I also feel that those NASA dollars could be used right here in the good old USA for far better use than space exploration!

But who am I?
Just another Taxpayer!

Note: This White Paper has nothing do with patriotism.
          I'm as patriotic as anyone!
This paper is about the state of the economy…period!

Jackie R. Kays

NOTE: Give me your opinion on this subject.

Figures obtained from: History of NASA's annual budget.
As follows; History of NASA's annual budget…Billions of US Dollars

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