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 Where Valor Sleeps

A tribute to the soldiers of the invasion of Europe…D-Day
(6th of June 1944)

Where Valor Sleeps and Red Poppies Grow

On this foreign soil Old Glory still
 flies over row by row of white crosses,
 marking this hallowed ground  where
each courageous soldier lies.
Thousands fought and died for the
Red White and Blue and Country ties.

Flag and Country these brave soldiers
 shall never again see, for their lives
 were sacrificed for you and me.

Buried so far away from their homeland,
overlooking once bloody beaches of sand.
In tombs with white crosses on this
wind swept hill, among fields of red
 poppies growing so tranquil.

Yet, as the years pass, with tears of grief
 and pride, family, friends, and patriots
 will forever remember how each hero
 so bravely died.

 Old Glory shall forever fly
over these white crosses, row
 by row, valor sleeps but never
 dies, and a single red poppy
 shall forever remind us of
 our ties.

Jackie R. Kays
© 7/26/09

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