Beautiful Disaster

To Natalie (And any other kindred souls)

Her heart
Innocent and pure
Her mind
Aged and mature
Together ignited by a passion
For compassion
And the fire inside
Shines, in every fashion

In the darkest
Of nights
She finds the tiniest
Of lights
She can make that flicker
Shine in excess
She can bring hope
To the hopeless

Her deceptive smiles
Tears, they replaced
So no one could know
The tribulations she's faced
They tell no tales
Of the hand she's been dealt
They tell no stories
Of the pain she's felt

She is a strong soul
A strong soul, that cares
The sacrifice is great
Her happiness, for theirs
Hiding the truth
She sweetly smiles
Hoping they believe her
For a little while

But the girl in the mirror
Is none of these things
She sees a broken girl
With crippled wings
And how heartbreaking it is
That such a beautiful girl
Would only see the oyster
Instead of the pearl

If only she knew
How much she's admired
Or just how many people
She's really inspired
If only she knew
Her own ability
And how they envy
Her nobility

She has huge ambitions
But unlike society
She isn't hindered
But constant anxiety
Instead she takes actions
And with the right mentality
She is able to make her dreams
Become reality

She's afraid to speak her mind
And so with a smile, she lies
For she “knows” the truth
Will lead to her demise
The things they already know
Cause enough grief
Anything else
And there'll be no relief

And I know, one day
She'll break the chains
Of foolish  notions
And unspoken pains
She'll see how special she is
And know how much they love her
And realize how  terribly wrong
Her assumptions were

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