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 Feeling Surreal

After five consecutive days of disrupted sleep;
But I'm unable to drop off, even counting sheep.
My mind has been numbed to my physical needs;
Growing within my unattended soul is many weeds.

Work demanded my presence sixteen hours a day;
Night shift followed by the daylight, unable to play.
My head hits the pillow in the late afternoon to rest;
Mind swirls unceasingly, grabbing a cat nap at best.

Day after day, accumulating a major debt to my soul;
Unable to focus, bleary eyed; this has taken its toll.
Hurting, yet numb; unable to speak my mind clearly;
Feeling surreal today as this is now ended, at least nearly.

My last night of the graveyard shift, blitzed out of my gourd;
Looking forward to a couple of days off, my deserved reward.
I just finished sharing with my wife a nice family meal;
But my head still swims as I write, I'm simply feeling surreal.


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