Beautiful Disaster


Deviates from norm
A unique form
Not like the rest
Unable to conform
Matured mind
Heart transformed
Stares up at the stars
And knows there's something more
Something they can't see
Something worth fighting for
But staring into space
Won't get you very far
Neither will wishing
On the brightest of stars
Her  fear of exposure
Stifles her yearning for change
Maybe if she says nothing
They won't think her too strange
And so biting her tongue
She goes with the flow
Praying to God
That they'll never know
She seeks solitude
And takes off her mask
Meditating before returning
To her daunting task
But you are who you are
And it shines through
So why try to hide
The “true” you
So break free
From the shackles that bind
Stop seeking peer approval
Stop impressing mankind
Embrace who you are
Love what you do
If you love yourself
They will too!  
So what?
You're a freak
You're a geek
But most of all…
You're unique!  

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