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"All in the knowing…"

Throughout this journey in life while one may be blind to see,
That the Lord tends to always work vicariously.
A rebel with no cause is figuratively speaking a soul that has gone astray,
Weary of the outcome? Should one help another find their way?
The light is there to follow; the choice is yours be it as it may,
Only the Lord can speak his will it is up to one to listen and not cast away.
Look beyond the revealing truth and see what the Lord has bestowed before ones eyes,
One must see with a greater vision that is far more than ones own personal cries.
Open ones self to become a receiver of what is supposed to be,
In proof, that is what has happened vicariously through thee.
The Lord speaks often; however, many do not listen,
Thus diverting their way from the path and obstructing their position.
The position that is defiled is sadly unforeseen,
It tends to not be realized until it is too late to find out what it means.
Do not be discouraged as the Lord is always forgiving,
It is up to one to ask for forgiveness and believe that it is not forbidden.
The Lord's requirement for forgiveness is to learn from all transgressions,
To be the best that one can be and in turn experience all of life's lessons.
Open ones heart to feel what one may feel,
In understanding one another it does not mean that ones beliefs will always heal.
One's drudgeries may not always seem to shine,
Many do not listen; however, one must own it, then accept and state, “It is mine.”
In stating, “It is mine.” One must endure and honor the gifts bestowed,
Always remember what one reaps is inevitably what is sowed.