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Science is finally toying with the concepts of Infinite dimensions. With dimensions between the dimensions. Hm mm I've been saying this for years. Inter dimensional beings would account for ghosts,spirits,walk ins, and just about all the so called paranormal things. In reality what is natural vs super natural? Isn't every thing simply natural. If I can lift ten more pounds that you when lifting weights does that make me super natural? The other night a friend of mine were talking about the witching hour you know the so called time when all spirits walk the earth the most. I said it's suppose to be around 3:15 but then I said in who's time zone? Come on do spirits use time zones by the lock we use to be active. If anything they would be more active from planetary alignments,the earth,sun and moon positions. Rather than a person clock. To me energy defines life not flesh and blood. Think about it the energy that gives this body it's ability to move, think,love and feel is older that the universe it's self. Were all part of the source. The source of all things. Call it God call it energy. But we can't get out of the loop. So the spiritual being having a human experience thing makes sense. Maybe though if we said were a energy being using a body to experience this so called reality. We wouldn't have the separation between religions and spirituality. Who knows? In this they say we do only two basic actions. Try to avoid pain and seek pleasure. If you look at every aspect of life it falls into one of these headings. So to me were here for one word. "Sensation" I often ponder on the Good vs Bad thing and this is what I have came up with. How can we determine what is good vs bad if we can't see the long term effect. Take for example. A woman get murdered and is pregnant, immediately we go that's so bad and so terrible. But what if she would of lived and the baby was born and grew up to be a world leader, That killed millions of people. Now it dying before birth is down played just a bit. I know now that a person could drive themselves mad thinking about what is good what is bad and what kind of changes will it cause. I look at life like this think of a giant clock with infinite gears spinning in infinite directions but the hands on the face of the clock keep perfect time. OK I've rambled enough for now. Have a great day and have a great life. Enjoy what you can and what you can't just sweep it under the rug and deal with it when you feel you can.
Truth Peace Tranquility (TPT)

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