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 Emotional Release

Years of frustration pent up deep within my soul;
Fermenting into a sour wine and a moldy roll.
Not knowing what I need to bring me that peace;
Unable to grasp that I need an emotional release.

Sitting in my seat of meditation I hear the solution;
From here comes the need to shake off the pollution.
Opening my heart again that I had closed slam shut;
Needing to escape to freedom from this muddy rut.

Seemingly by accident one day, I run into an old friend;
That closeness was still there, we didn't have to pretend.
I don't remember the moment we had met before in time;
But in my soul I know that we clicked, you are my rhyme.

Reaching out, I explode with all that is bottled up inside;
Becoming a child again, playing on the swings and the slide.
Your friendship has created the opportunity for me to increase;
As I feel bubbling up from my soul this emotional release.


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