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 Thisw One Is For You!

This little poetic voice comes to me in the middle of the night,
rising quickly, before I forget the words and turn on the light.
Pencil and paper at hand…down jot the words to beat the band.

Sometimes words of love and devotion, sometime words of
concern and emotion, sometimes words of revelation.
Sometimes words of nature's beauty; "as autumn leaves slowly
tumble from the great Oak trees."

Some time words of peace and tranquility, sometimes words
of war, hate and instability, sometimes words of encouragement
and stability.

All of these words are written, so you may understand my
feelings at this moment at hand. For if it were not for you,
who reads these humble words of mine day in and day out,
I would be a poet only in my own mind.

So thank you for your time!
I hope you will keep reading my little rhymes.
This goes to prove that,
"Poetry is truly the window to the soul."

This One is for you...
from my heart to yours in pure gold!

Jackie R. Kays
© 06

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