Tattoos in Mayberry

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Everybody I know smokes a little hooch.
Wants to ride the lightening at the county fair.
Suck down, with Waylon and Willie an ice cold brew.
Everybody wants 
the white ones,the  Reds
and the one's in Robin's egg blue. ,
Everyone I know can really take off the gloves
Everyone's on the hunt for a truer than true love
Some folks seem to get along just fine
with their  caffeine, cigarettes 
and  bottles of wine.
Whatever you need to get through
Whether you travel usin' party favors or
you take another route. 
When you blast off onto the super  highway 
Shoo be do me better than a dirty deal.
Try one time to keep it real
Try on the  fit, tell me how it feels
can we close the deal
You're riding fast and loose
 with the conductor on his freedom train
while I'm holdin' down the caboose.
Now, you know why  I smoke a little hooch.
suck down a case of brew 
shoot up a river on an Ocean of juice..
When you stop trying to sell me the same old model
I'll stop sniffin model airplane glue.
I want a new deal
don't weight me down so heavy
 like a gold miner's pack mule.
There's more to life than money
fancy wine, women and fast cars.
Sometimes, you gotta tow the line
say enough is enough,
change things up
Off the cuff.

Time to play like a player plays
Play it smart, get tough.
Regroup, take a hot shower
and put on a new pair of  pants..
Do your own kind of dance
Of the cuff..


Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing rights reserved by this author.

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Off The Cuff