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Buddy Bee Anthony

 My stage name is Buddy Bee Anthony. I am a working artist, singer,songwriting entertainer. 
In it for the long haul.
I am proof artists have value in our and any society.
I have chosen this as a calling. It wasn't my plan B.
I like to go right through the front door with my music.
I am not trying to win everyone over.
Just a good percentage. And that percentage
keeps growing.
Some might say, I'm a bad influence on your children.
They don't need to be exposed to my work.
I'll let you be the judge. Let history will be the judge of all that.
I have a 
vantage point all my own. I seek not to alienate but to enlighten through music.
by sharing my heart and soul..
I seek maximum impact which may hit you immediatly
or take weeks or years for you to absorb.
No matter how you slice it,
I am a spectacle you shouldn't miss.
People ask me, why I am not famous.
Why my work isn't played over and over again
on the radio? If you seek to hear famous
music, then listen to the radio. If you want something fresh,
new, original and inspiring, give me your stage and hand me the microphone.
I employ the streets as a laboratory
to experiment on what works and what doesn't.
I have discovered unbiased, feedback from strangers, greater than
feedback from friends lounging in any studio.
     A good portion, but not nearly all my work is on this site.
I put my signature, vocally, and lyrically, on everything I do.
Having a distinct,feel. Children and dogs love my work.
A good deal of it rhymes.
However , just to spin a trick on the universe,
I'd like to release
a grand piece of work, a hit song, 
without a a stitch of rhyme in it.
I have put out two albums. C.D's.

I am a non-conformist.I'm not going to save the Mountain
Gorilla's or all the whales. Nor will I
write religious hymns. I have compassion for many causes, just don't ask me
to write or perform agenda to promote them. What I will do is
rock your socks off, and immerse your audience in meaning,
taking them deep into the zone.
I am very loud and proud. I have and continue to surprise, awe and amaze
some pretty tough critics.
I sing the news, like the town crier. I have been told
you can hear me singing for blocks. On the street, I don't use a microphone.
There is alot of racket on the streets.
so my' street' voice carries to accomodate the cacophany surrounding me.
Besides, why shouldn't folks hear my music.
It was never meant to be locked away in some
auditorium for just those who can afford a ticket. 
I don't like being assigned the term musician
Since musician sounds frightenly too close like politician...
I am not promising anything other than
I am not trying to save the planet.
I am simply doing what I was put on earth to do.
It's my gift to give my musical message back to the you.
I feel,that's a good start.  ,
I have grown into my musical influences, and
admire many artists. But, I am immersed in my own music
so I don't really have all that much time to follow what
other musicial performance artists are up to. That said,
There's a slew of folks I have studied,
from a performance artist perspective.
It's strengthened my songwriting, and singing. Some, whose names
you wouldn't know and some I can't recall. 
There is of course, the usual suspects.
Johnny Cash, Prince, Michael Jackson,
Niel Young, Glenn Campbell, the list is lengthy.
I greatly appreciate, and enjoy
performing country western music in that it can really tell a story..
It's a challenge for me to find new styles for bring to your table.
My goal is to hit my listener
hard and fast
steeping you in meaning and musical force, with a twist.
I've drifted into poetry
acquiring new ideas and then,
editing out rough parts.
Some of my work has actually come to me telepathically.
That may sound strange, but, I wake up and write it down complete
songs finished in my head.
When you make a decision to completely immerse yourself
in something, I believe the powers of the universe come to assist.
I have a growing, though decent, ballad, pop, folk song, blues,
and rock song repetroire. I am recognized on the street
and every time I play my following grows.
Street music works to sharpen my craft, since
my audience is random, not nailed in their seats to see me.
I get all manner of visceral human response.
Mostly, I soothe folks. Maybe I can make your day special.

I can travel to you to entertain your friends, class, party
to read my poetry,mingle, listen, answer questions,
discuss process.
I promise to exceed all your expectations,
for your next seminar, gathering or party.
Thank you...

Buddy Bee Anthony