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Buddy Bee Anthony

 My stage name is Buddy Bee Anthony.
One of my goals this year, writing poetry
is to better talk in poet speak...
I am only half joking.
Beside poetry, I enjoy writing short stories.
Mainly non-fiction. Some embellishment with regard
to the names and the relationships
I may have with my

Although, It's true,
as a musical entertainer,I have a repetoire
of work I can draw from
from other artists,
I add my own personal touch to these songs.
My bread and butter,and
go to pitch is writing, playing
and performing my own songs.
I am a professional entertainer,a working artist.
Why should I work for free?
Do you know any professional who works for nothing?
This is my gift, and as my calling,
I'm in it for the long haul.

Even when working my magic for a modest audience
when they enjoy what I do
this sample of folks represent a wider audience.
By showing up, I am proof, musical artististry has
intrinsic value which is essential as any other professional.
Something too many artists must for some odd reason, keep reminding
the world of.
Merchants and minstrals have symbiotically, co-existed,
working alongside each other,successfully for aeons.
This is a vital, historical link
which mustn't be severed.
Being a musical entertainer,songwriter, is my plan A.
If you've heard me work, either on the streets
or other venues, you know musically
I go for it. Sometimes, I really get in the zone
and go to a higher place taking my audience with me.
There is too much subtlety in musical circles today.
I am not subtle in my approach.
I am not trying to win everyone over.
To appeal to every music critic.
Just a few folks at a time right now.
I tirelessly work to increase not
just my audience but my percentages.
Things are looking up.
Some might say, I'm a bad influence on your children.
They don't need to be exposed to my work.
You be the judge of that. 
My artistic vantage point is all my own.
reflecting back a mirror to my audience
how I perceive the world around me.
I communicate my soul,
my heart light,
through song, through music.

I will achieve maximum impact
hitting your senses right now.
using my vocal gifts to
intimitely share my musical magic.
When I turn on the juice it's
magic creeping up on you.
You will know you witnessed a spectacle of sound
you won't soon see again.
Plainly speaking,
I am not to be missed.
when folka see me live,
they often ask why I'm not touring,
why I'm not famous?
If you seek to hear only music from the famous
then flip on your radio.
There's plenty of songs played over
and over again, you can listen to.
If you want something, living, uncensored
fresh and original, hand me the microphone.
I employ the streets as a laboratory
It's a living, impromtu, experiment to find out
what works and what doesn't
The streets are a perfect non-biased laboratory where my listeners
aren't nailed in their chairs to hear me.
I have discovered the best unbiased, feedback comes from strangers
rather than friends lounging in the studio.
     A partial selection,of my work is on a poetry site.
I stamp my vocal and lyrical signature, on everything I do.
In addition, Children, dogs, and cats also love my work.
A good deal of it rhymes.
However , just to spin a trick on the universe,
I'd like to release
a grand piece of work, a hit song, 
without a a stitch of rhyme in it.
I have put out two albums. C.D's.
They were spaced apart by 14 years.
No point in recording before it's time.
As a non-conformist,
I won't save the Mountain Gorilla or the whales with my music.
I veer widely away from writing religious hymns.
I have compassion for many fine causes,
just don't ask me
to write or perform agenda to promote them.
What I will do is make music fun by
rocking your socks off, putting you in a trance,
immersing you in meaningful afterglow
taking you deep into my zone.
I am very loud and proud.
and I shall continue to surprise, awe and amaze
some pretty tough critics.
Like the town crier of old, I sing the news.
I have been told you can hear me singing
several blocks away on the street,
I don't need nor use a microphone outside.
There is alot of racket on the streets.
so my' street' voice must carry
to accomodate the cacophany of sound around me
and trust me, it does..
Besides, why shouldn't folks hear music.
My skills were never meant to be locked away in some
auditorium for just those who can afford a ticket to enjoy. 
I don't like being assigned the term musician
Since musician sounds frightenly too close like
prohibition or politician...
I am not promising anything other than
I am not trying to save the planet.
I am simply doing what I was put on earth to do.
It's my gift, giving my musical talent back to you.
I feel,that's a good start.  ,
I have grown into my musical influences, and
admire many artists. But, I concentrate on
and am mostly immersed in my own music
so I don't really have all that much time to follow what
other musical performers are up to. That said,
There's a slew of folks who've influenced me
who I've enjoyed and studied,
from a professional, performance artist's perspective.
Some, whose names
you might not know,
some I can't recall. 
There is of course, the usual suspects.
Johnny Cash, Prince, Michael Jackson,
Niel Young, Glenn Campbell, Bonnie Raitt,
Lyle Lovett, Barry White. Hank Sr. The Stones.
I greatly appreciate, and enjoy
performing country western music in that it can really tell a story..
It's a challenge for me to find new styles for bring to your table.
My goal is to hit my listener
hard and fast
steeping you in meaning and musical force, with a twist.
I've drifted as primarily a musical story teller, into poetry
acquiring new ideas and then,
smoothing out the rough edges. I guess, that's how many songs are written.
Some of my work has actually come to me telepathically.
That may sound strange, but, I have woken up, from a dream and written down complete
songs finished in my head.
When you make a decision to completely immerse yourself
in something, I believe the powers of the universe come to assist you.
I have a growing, ballad, pop, folk song, blues,
and rock song repetroire. I am recognized on the street
and every time I play my following grows.
Street music works to sharpen my craft, since
my audience is random, not nailed in their seats to see me.
I get all manner of visceral human response.
Mostly, I soothe folks. Maybe I can make your day special.

I can travel to you to entertain your friends, class, party
to read my poetry,mingle, listen, answer questions,
discuss process.
I promise you, I shall exceed all your expectations,
for your next birthday, hoe down, gathering or

Sincerely Yours,

Buddy Bee Anthony