Tattoos in Mayberry

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Buddy Bee Anthony

If you like rocking the boat, I'm your ship's mate.
Don't keep me a secret'. Because, I am not a show
but your main event.
I'm here to share my extrensive vocal and writing skills
so use me.
Some say muse, some say
student of life. I am here to teach
an extra-curricular lesson
Music as spectacle can be fun.
In a sea of career people
on a career fast track.
My niche, what I'm here to do,
is to provide levity and another option for
anyone who wants to stray from their straight line path. If just for an hour or two.
Come into my world.
I'll take you to the Sun, the Moon
and Mars.. It's ok to go there.
You won't implode or burn up in the atmosphere.
My influence on you won't damage your life management plans.
But, if I disturb you or make you feel something
that can't be all bad.
I seek imaginative, bold teachers
to allow me in into your sphere of students.
I am of the oral tradition.
I seek not to usurp, but to corrupt the social order just enough
to make your students check their coordinates.
Again, a good thing.
Together we can discover oral traditions lost to us
through mundane language Music and song is my vehicle to transport you there.
Let's come together and celebrate
our diversity,celebrate how we look at life through different lenses
We can learn a great deal from what, on the surface divides us.
Give me the privilege to share what your flock.
What I've discovered.
We'll surely have more in common than we have differences.
Music is a bridge to greater understanding.
An unspoken dialect to bring everyone closer
A universal language
Music whispers in the wind
a lost mother tongue language somehow we can speak,
a grammar we naturally understand.
The syntax of tone, texture, and tempo
As eternal as the waves of the Ocean, river and tide.

an ebbing and flowing hypnotic
Current and wave.
I might sing a few bars of a song, then stop.
My presentation asks then answers bigger questions
I welcome even encourage,
bold, in your face sarcasm.
Put me to the test.
Tell me your story.
I will tell you mine.

If there's an awkward moment
a lull in conversation,
or I suspect I'm losing you singing a slow love ballad..
I might suddently change the tempo or even the song.
To make it more relevant.
When I'm pitching, I want you catching.
I'm comfortable talking with my audience
or I may free associate with music
Grabbing and keeping your attention, through spectacle,
and comedy..
by singing a song
directly to you. It's all in good fun.
it can be cathartic to sing about
topics we might not be able to talk about in polite conversation.
Music is good medicine.
I have found folks feel something good inside when I sing.
Until that changes,I'll keep singing.
As a songwriter and poet. I can do off the cuff material.
to shock, awe and amaze any audience of friends.
I enjoy sharing traditional music, country, as well as regional Folk songs.
I've also written and can share powerful protest marching songs.
Or play and sing rock and roll,
Along with the blues.
For a warm up we can pick each other's brains
with a question answer session.
I involve my audience, playing slow ballads, or cross over styles.
Along with inventing a few
styles of my own.
Use me.
Live a little.
You know what the good stuff looks like.
Plain talk, you and your guests, are going to have a memorable
and wonder filled
grand old time.
Let's find a way to make this happen.

Buddy Bee Anthony