Tattoos in Mayberry

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Buddy Bee Anthony

If you like rocking the boat.
I'm your first mate.
Art is my truth.
Music and song is my canvas.
I tell you the story of the human condition.
Music is spectacle. As it was meant to be.
The calling of an artist, worth their salt to reach for more
than just providing background sound. Atmosphere..
Sometimes enlightenment occurs by shaking up the pot.
Distubing my audience in such a way as to change their assemblage point.
haunting calls and shifts in my vocal arrangements, brings greater depth to my songs.
I don't write commercial jingles or Christmas Songs.
So, I am beholden to no one.
I have no urge to go that way, since
God gave me this talent
so I wouldn't feel right about exploiting and thus abusing it in any way.
I feel if you lower your standards too far, you'll end up under the door in the floor.
Hire me to  entertain and perform at your next show, gig, gathering, party. I won't dress up
like a clown twisting balloons and making funny faces.
My magic will awaken something deeper. On a gut level.
I provide a memorable experience.
I know how to stir up feelings
feelings you may not have felt for a long time.
That's what I do.
I unveil original songs.
mixed with my own interpretation of classics.
I am here, this is what I do
I will teach a class not taught in school.
I learn as much from you.
Let's surprise each other
Find common ground
Music travels
off the beaten path.
A frozen rope in time.

I offer music as respite. A lush island paradise alone in a sea of grass.
Let's hook up and
create history together
Teleport ourselves for a short time, to the Moon, Mars and Sun.

Setting it off, .
I promise I won't do irreparable damage to your life management plans.
Unless you want me to.
I seek to work with bold and imaginative teachers
to bring me into your classrooms
to share all I have to give with your students.
I follow the oral tradition.
I seek not to usurp the rules, of protocol in your classroom
I have no active designs on doing damage to your pecking or social order.
I only provide another vantage point to broaden their perspective. 
Shifting your assemblage point.

Live music does that.
It travels as
a universal language
It's ancient, tribal, stories and dance, song and chant, honoring and celebrating life.
What has divided us brings us together through music.

We'll surely discover we have more ground in common than we have canyons dividing us.
Music is my bridge to greater understanding.
Familiar sounds whispering in the wind,
a lost dialect everyone instinctually understands.
we learn to speak our mother tongue
we throught was lost to us at birth.

A syntax of tone, texture, and tempo
A Phonix of particle and waves
ancient as the Ocean, river and tide.

an ebbing and flowing hypnotic
Current and wave.
I welcome even encourage,
bold, in your face questions,
extra points for cynicism, and sarcasm.
Put me to the test.
Tell me your story.
I will listen and if you want
I can share mine best

by singing a song
directly to you.
It's revealing and good fun
to answer questions you can't really get the answers to other than with music or poetry.
Music is healing medicine for the soul.
I have found folks feel something good inside when I sing.
Until the day that changes,I'll keep singing.
As a songwriter and poet. I can do off the cuff material.
to shock, awe and amaze any audience of friends.
I enjoy sharing traditional music, country, as well as regional Folk songs.
I've also written and can share powerful protest marching songs.
Or play and sing kick the door down, rock and roll,
Along with heart wrenching blues.
My delivery connects with any audience
I might play slow ballads, or cross over styles.
Along with inventing new
styles of my own.
You know what the good stuff looks like.
I'm here, so use me.
I have been an entertainer for a long time
I'm in it for the long haul.
and I promise you and your guests are going to have an illuminating,
delightful and memorable
Let's make this happen?

Buddy Bee Anthony