Tattoos in Mayberry

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Buddy Bee Anthony

I possess hypnotic lyrical and vocal weaponry to awe and delight you.
I am not just an entertainment specialist,I heal with musical medicine.
Song is my sanctuary. I stand strong at the pulpit to serve you, my congregation.

Where I preach the gospel of music.
I don't have to hard sell you..
My years of experience be it on stage on a busy street corner,
in musical study, speaks for itself.
My vocal and layered arpeggio work
Soothes and renews,
Can I take you and your guests sailing to new shores.
I might playfully shake up your sensorium to a new assemblage point.
Music and song has that power.
Together,let's create new myths and legends.

Invite me to share with you my gifts.
For your next special occassion. doesn't you and your guests deserve
much better than a clown blowing up
and twisting balloons into animal shapes?