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Tatum's Totally Twisted Tales
blindly discovering...

The Look Of Irony

To come and go unnoticed
beyond anyone's detection,
and to gaze into a mirror
without seeing a reflection,

was a fantasy envisioned
and the ultimate intention
of a skulking little lurcher
who pursued this weird invention.

He would slip within the masses,
come and go at his discretion,
seeking out another caper
to fulfill his dark obsession.

"On a thrilling moment's whim
I'll filch a meal or ride for free,
maybe sneak into a movie
since no one will ever see.

I can gawk at pretty women,
overhear their conversations,
scare the parties in a séance
with some bogus revelations,

and I'll enter into places
where the cash and jewels are kept
and I'll burgle all the riches
while the prideful owners slept!"

Well, the single-minded schemer
got his wish in all its glory,
unaware that his neglect
would cause a wrinkle in the story,

as the maker of the gadget
tried to tell the man that morning
that his touchy new contraption
came with one essential warning,

but the man refused to listen,
once he paid the maker's price;
he just hastened off to try it,
never thinking of it twice!

So, herein lies the moral
for this twisted mastermind,
now eternally invisible
and equally as blind

that the price for evil powers
such a man could not resist
was that he and all around him
ceased to physically exist!

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The Look Of Irony