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For the girl and the sea

Like the rush of the sea comes a great

Flood of love, unstoppable tides drive

A wild urge to touch. Abroad on a wave

That craves naked release, in the eye of

A storm, a love begging to be.

She wants you, you know so, you need

Her so bad, did you think to ignore love?

Did you think that you can? You don’t

Have the power to resist when love calls,

It’s not in your gift and in fact, never was.

A silhouette fancy, a heart-stopping night,

Curves that mean more to your heart than

Your life. Curves that ignite a love-storm

In your mind, a rush now to reach her, a

Race with the tide.

Through waves of raw passion make sense

If you will, of the falling sensation, the swirl,

And the thrill. No words are required save a

Whispered ‘love me,’ when the tide seeks to

Claim you, for the girl and the sea.

© Joseph G Dawson




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For the girl and the sea