Dog Face Doc 11th LIB Americal Infantry Division RVN

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Name: k river
email: write me on site ( kriver)
Country: USA
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Message: Hi Doc, I want to Welcome You HOME and thank you for your service. Myself and a lot of other Americans, most if not all of the people I know really do appreciate the sacrifices that you made and trauma you still seem to be going through. I wish there was something I could do to help you. As Marines we heavily depend upon you guys when the stuff hit the fan. I was in the USMC green machine 71-73. I was protected from myself. I tried to volunteer for Nam but my Col wouldn't send me. He more than likely saved my life. In your poetry I really sense the bitterness that seems to permeate your work. Maybe your focusing on the wrong side of things think of the countless lives you saved that might not have survived if you hadn't been there for them. Yes a lot of the guys died and I have no intention of ignoring that fact. However, it is just as important to recognize the fact that you save many many many more. Because they were able to come home and have families and now a lot of them probably have grandchildren. But without you being there for them in that time and place. Their families for all the generations that followed from that time would not exist. When you think about it that is quite a legacy for you to leave behind. What I saw in your poetry is someone that GOD loved enough to protect from the bullets and the other deadly things flying around. He used you greatly to help save the lives of others. Most all of the American people sincerely do appreciate what you and others have sacrificed for our country. There are only a small number that don't really understand. The American people during our time in the service made some mistakes. They have been trying very hard to correct them in the only way they know ever since. We need to recognize that and forgive them because they are human. They will inevitably continue to make them. It is only through forgiveness that the healing you are longing for can truly begin. Forgiving yourself because you feel guilty for not being able to save all of the g

Date Received: 2016-12-02 13:21:40

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