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Alive To Strive®

~Recall Love Days~®

{ Angel's Hold }®


Then BubLee Years Now Doubly Tears®

{ }South Of Eden{ }®

To Condition Or Not To Condition®

Forbidden Fruit Smitten®

Stop Thief®

Revenge....Roach Resurrection®

Abovie Lovie Dovin®

dry eyes NEVER in this house®

Afar Love®

Oh Gikey Oh Gikey Where Can You Be®

Nod On®

a child inside®

The Heart Whisperer®

~Lost Fling~®

* * * * | | | |* * * *My Faron And Boomer---->®


Very Loaded Poem®

Christmas In June----*®

human remains still®

Heavenly Breath Be®

Angels True And False Answer®

Land Of Fire Dreams®

Crying Wolf Dying For The Moon®

arose it shows oh did I®


a maddening must go®

Show Of Video Love®

why I oughta®

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If i follow the yellow brick road
my dream surely upon me bestowed!!!!!!

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