Dark Poetry From A Twisted Mind

Insomnia Z


Poetry from the Dark Depths of My Tortured Soul

My life has been one of chaos & inner struggle. Okay, there have been happy moments. But that's not what this site is about. It's a total release of my anguish, bitterness, and sometimes contempt for those who have tried to bring about my demise.

It is about fighting to the death for what I want: a decent life & some kind of happiness. A desperate clinging to the hope that someday *Something* will go right.

Some people have it easy. Others have to fight for everything. I seem to be more like the latter.

Feel the anguish. Feel the inner struggle. For god's sake, feel my pain!

All poems and stories are copyright 2006,2017 by Insomnia

Kick back, relax & step away from your own struggles. Enjoy someone elses's agony for a change. Then thank the gods it's not your life!

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